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Creating an Inventory


This blog post will look into the process of making an Inventory system like the one found in Dungeon Siege. The inventory system in this game follows the trend of many similar games such as Diablo. The System is a system where each item takes up a certain amount of slots.


By the end of this process, I would like to have achieved three things. Number one is to have the base UI elements for the inventory. Second A item button that is drag-able and can be moved around the item slots taking into account the size of the item. And Last is a means to check for item space on pickup.

Creating the GUI elements

The task is broken down to three task

  1. Create the UI Elements needed (This includes Text, Buttons and Images/Panels that make up the functional Elements).
  2. Creating the Inventory Internal Code – This includes creating an Int Vector 2 to hold the size of the items allowing the items to be dragged etc…
  3. Interacting with other scripts – such as Adding items to inventory this needs to be usable by the player interacting with items in the world and with shops.


The task of creating a GUI that works on a good amount of resolutions and is scalable can be a challenge. When Approaching the GUI I go through a few questions. first What size screen is this game main audience on and will it be locked at this resolution? PC Games are in most times a more static resolution than a phone as such this project only needed simple solution of anchors and fitting to 1920 by 1080 resolution.

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