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Player Stats


  • Plan Structure
  • Create Structure
  • Create a stat class


Jacob Pipers


  • Unity
  • Visual Studio


  1. Plan out the Stats needed

First thing when it comes to player data is to work out what values are needed both visible and hodden to players. Starting with the base values such as health and mana and other base stats, then for this game was to work out the hidden values that are needed to create the formulas.

In this game, I used structures to hold this data. Structures allow for a more scalable codebase.

The Values that decided on was the base stats:

Health, Mana, strength, dexterity, intelligence, armour rating.

Additional info Includes current gold, melee and ranged damage total defence and also the skills. These values are mostly calculated values based on equipment and other values.

2. Decide on the Data type

The Data types that work for most of these values will be Integers as they are more accurate and if we do need per cent can just cast to float value.

3. Create the Structure

This stage is adding tools such as Calculation functions and Functions to add and remove certain values. These formulas need to be simple and clean but also need to make sure that these can be easily tuned by changing one or two variables.

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