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My Game – The Conception


  • Decide on the game
  • Plan the mechanics


Jacob Pipers


  • Unity
  • Visual Studio
  • Pen/Paper


First I went over a couple of ideas, I wanted to make something that would not take too long as I did not have much time. I brainstormed some ideas that could showcase my code. First I thought of doing a dress up game, with my inventory and equipment system. But after doing more research and brainstorming I decided to work on a 2d platformer as I could source good assets and mechanically was easy to do.

With this in mind, I decided to clean up my code and create a project ready to start making my game.

First thing I did was source some assets, I ended up using assets from the Unity asset store that are also used in some Unity Tutorials.

The plan was to make a platformer that was pretty traditional but incorporated an inventory system such as storing potions and other items. This In planing could be power-ups that need to be equipped and potions.


When I come up with ideas I try my best to keep the process simple and the ideas in the same light as this allows me to go in greater depth within these simple ideas. Also, the simple ideas can sometimes be harder then they seem or take more time then originally thought.

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