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The April situation isn't in my opinion part of why she chose to stay in the company. The april girls were annoyed by Hyunjoo because she was lazy and skipped most practices and schedules while blaming it on her sickness. She participated in the KARA Project. We have changed the date to March 5 and will reduce the filming to just 2 of the main characters,Lee Je Hoon andLee Som. I'm sure any member who took a hiatus feel really bad and shitty when they leave during important events but what can you do when someone's mental health is falling apart into pieces? Zodiac Sign:Cancer I feel bad for them. Stage Name: Rachel() On March 17, 2017, Rachelwas introduced as the MC for EBSsOperation to Rescue the Song along with bandmate, Yena. WebA netizen has stood by bullying claims against April on Wednesday, a day after the girl group's agency DSP Media threatened it would file lawsuits against people who accused Background BirthName: LeeJin Sol () Not good I'd imagine. Agradecemos a parceria deste ano e ao clientes que confiaram em nosso trabalho. In February 2021, Hyunjoos brother She is studying atSungshin Womens University with Chaekyung. It was a follow-up to the girl groups breakout release Lalalilala which was released the same year. I had worn the ones my mom put in my drawer for me, but Lee Hyunjoo had said that it was hers. Export sales shot from $631 million in 2005 to $2.5 billion in 2007. Show more Chaekyung fun facts, Chaewon It may not seem like it today, but DSP is a massive company and theyve made it clear that theyre not taking these accusations lightly. BirthName: Yoon Chae Kyung () Lo brandishes her swagger, its clear that shes a peerless dancer, and Lady Gaga could sing the roof off Carnegie Hall. Position:Leader, Vocalist Guarda i contenuti pi popolari di questi creator: stan weeekly(@xjaehee), behchedire(@cherrysunric), (@butterflyseeun), But what matters is that none of this excuses their behavior. Position: Main Vocalist, Rapper I really don't care what happens to them. Dont have an account yet? Although some issues are legitimate, some issues are just overblown and is done purely by antis to harm a groups international reputation. However you have to consider that she was having problems, and the company decided that although she caused problems, she was still good enough to stay with April (well at least to the point where the situation became impossible and she left, that's how bad it got). ', Wonder Girls Lim & Shin Min Chul garner attention for their magnificent, traditional style family photos on their son's first birthday, Netizens react coldly to Lee Soo Man's letter dedicated to the SM Entertainment family and fans, Bang Si Hyuk reveals sadness over "a good company like SM having such a poor governance structure" and sheds light on acquisition of SM: "Not Monopolization", "He's a famous singer," BTS's V (Kim Taehyung) shows his global superstar status by getting recognized by locals in Mexico while filming 'Jinny's Kitchen', KARD's B.M reveals that his mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer, Variety star brand value rankings for March, The court sides with Lee Soo Man and bans SM from issuing new shares and convertible bonds to Kakao, Bang Si Hyuk personally addresses concerns of a 'monopoly' in the K-Pop industry in an interview with CNN, Eight members of Cosmic Girls renew their contracts with Starship Entertainment, "Already receiving love calls from other labels," Industry experts are concerned that artists will leave SM Entertainment due to the uncertain future of the company. Desejamos a todos um feliz natal e que o ano novo traga muitas realizaes. Curitiba-PR. Like, everything else aside that is inhumane, especially as they knew she had health problems. She left APRIL due to the concept they were doing. Im neutral in this so far, but I dont think this younger brother knew what kind of hornets nest he was about to disturb with his comments. She is now in co-ed group K.A.R.D which is also under DSP Media. If this issue was brought up, she most likely would have left the company altogether. However, looking at CCTV footage, we hadn't even been at the location. [TRIGGER WARNING: SUICIDE] Netizen who claims to be ex-April Hyunjoo's younger brother says she was bullied out of the group. The April members further alleged Hyunjoo never discussed issues with them, but always went straight to the agency, which would put the members in a bad light. The K-pop empire is now perhaps the country's biggest export, yet the product it peddles, dripping with bubblegum imagery and witless refrains, is all too often incredibly sexist. She appeared in Law of the Jungle in Sunda Islands. DSP Media released an announcement stating that the group officially disbanded on January 28, 2022. "-The April members sent a final message to Hyunjoo:"Why are you forgetting the good memories with the members and only remembering the distorted memories it's so sad. Label(s) Fandom Yes, they were under a lot of pressure, with I'm sure their own personal problems as well. WebApril 's Naeun has been pulled from more brands and shows due to her bullying controversy. Unfortunately that doesn't change the fact that they bullied Hyunjoo and DSP did nothing about it. She participated in the KARA Project and finished in 2nd place. She was added to APRIL along with Chaekyungin November 2016. She attendedDaegu Jimyo Elementary School (graduated) & Gongsan Middle School in Daegu Yongin Hanbit Middle School (graduated) & Seoul Performing Arts High School (Department of Theater and Film / Graduated) Every group and individual have made mistakes and are continuing to learn and improve. Just take this bs u wrote and biased opinion and go .. EDIT: A lot of responses are all saying the same thing (that Hyunjoo is the victim and therefore by default April is guilty), so I'll just put in my response here: I'm not saying Hyunjoo isn't a victim, I'm saying I also have a lot of sympathy for the other members of April whose efforts to debut were negatively affected by Hyunjoo's absences. I dont usually hold that against them, so I dont consider them problematic. Nationality: Korean Former Blood Type:O Position: Vocalist, Visual, LeadDancer DSP Media, which managed the band, announced the news as it issued a statement to South Korean news outlet SPOTV News. Recomendo, Indico e com certeza comprarei mais!, Prestam um timo servio e so pontuais com as entregas., Produtos de excelente qualidade! It was navy, and we all bought the same ones so we couldn't tell whose was whose. New group members were confirmed in November: Chaekyung, who had previously appeared as a guest member, and Rachel. Material de tima qualidade! What I hate in this case is the reaction of people. Welcome to r/unpopularkpopopinions, the subreddit for sharing your unpopular opinions about Kpop! Fineapple YouTube: APRIL Kpop Who wore it better? WebApril ( Korean : ) was a South Korean girl group formed by DSP Media. They also let her promote while going back and forth from her own home. IU (unless you consider normal dating problematic) and Kim Sejeong are squeaky-clean. Checking the dorm CCTV and the CCTV outside the dorm, we couldn't find anything like it. Look at the damages this kids claims have caused. As a result, the group has faced heavy backlash, up to and including having members removed from endorsement deals and acting roles. Weight: 41 kg (90 lbs) And consider for a moment that, while female idols are excoriated for discreetly having adult relationships, somehow its okay when the popular variety program No More Show features women explicitly simulating fellatio, sometimes while the host screams Do it sexily! as they gag on yogurt. Contracts are a thing, and have monetary consequences if the company doesn't voluntarily release you. Birthday: February 5, 1998 Stage Name: Chaekyung () Edited once, last by nana18 (Mar 2nd 2021). Whenever the girls show "evidence" to back up their words, you cry straight out at the lie and the absurdity of their evidence without even trying to understand. I wanna know though. we did this to educate those who may be interested in stanning these groups Nationality: Korean Members Your browser has JavaScript disabled. This is by far the worst handled controversy of the recent ones and Cube literally put the ladder very low and they actually achieved to be worse than them. Their companys fault too for not being aware about this and also because they dont have a good leader. Poll: Which is your favorite LE SSERAFIM ship? Mistakes are sometimes the best method of growth, and we really cannot continue to support a culture that throws the baby out with the bathwater. Instagram: @yunvely_0824, Chaekyung Facts: Sign up for The Top of the World, delivered to your inbox every weekday morning. On May1, 2016, Chaewon released single Clock with Chaekyung. She is close with Nayeon, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu of TWICE. Unpopular opinion: an opinion that is rare. I don't think it's fair to judge people by the actions or words of others, even if they are related to them. if she took a lawyer i believe some journalists would have find the info by now. I absolutely feel for Hyunjoo; I've been there myself and that's why I'm hyperaware that regardless of my internal struggles, my actions continue to affect the people around me. Stage Name: Hyunjoo() However, some people genuinely believe K-Pop is the work of the devil and is the only thing in between a perfect society and hell. Three years later, South Korea debuted its first "idol" group, the boy band H.O.T., followed in 1997 by its first major girl group, S.E.S. The group's final lineup was composed of six members: Chaekyung, Chaewon, Naeun, Yena, Rachel and Jinsol. She also participated in Produce 101, where she ranked in 16th place. Instagram: @castlechel_0824, RachelFacts: New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. They dragged her name through the mud using their sister and boyfriend to slander her and blame her for everything, knowing that they were guilty. From then until the early 2000s, the nascent genre entered the Japanese and Southeast Asian markets. , Kpop Girl Group Profiles She trained for four months at DSP Media before joining APRIL. Stage Name: Naeun() He has a couple of pics with Naeun and other April members and now that's proof he's her boyfriend? Por isso, informamos que estaremos em frias coletivas de 22/12/2022 a 03/01/2023. It's true that we were cautious with every word we said. They debuted on August 24, 2015 with the mini album Dreaming. Facebook: APRIL.DSPmedia Kpop Albums Info APRIL Wiki Produce 101 Wiki Didnt they have the nazi controversy a few months ago? Do they keep their word when they say they won't repeat a behavior? The oldest (Somin) was like 19 at the time and the youngest (Jinsol) was only 15, and Korea in general has pretty bad attitude towards mental health sufferers (although there seems to be more awareness now). They were bully, it's their own fault. April isn't the only kpop group where they would have to practice till dawn and rearrange their choreo. Birthday: November 8, 1997 Then, when Sulli acknowledged she was dating the rapper Choiza in 2014, her career took a nosedive and she later left f(x).

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