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67kg. The older guys need to stay in the gym to show the next generation how to do it." Masters retain all USAW member benefits. Get in touch: He became a USAW National Coach in 2014, and has been an IWF Category I Referee since 2005. It also appears to be true that most people consume fewer calories and protein as they age, although protein needs may increase due to various factors such as lower absorption of nutrients. Once youre cleared for barbell training by a physical therapist,visit the Masters Weightlifting website and get in contact with them to find out if theres a coach in their area. Is there ever a point where its too late for untrained individuals to make a snatch? Untrained individuals of any age should see a qualified physical therapist or orthopedic doctor before finding an USA Weightlifting-certified coach who has experience working with Masters athletes. Yoga isnt necessary, but its important to work in some movements to help with mobility and stability and yoga can be a useful framework. Sep 22, 2019 - Pattaya, Event Place & Date: Sep 18, 2019 - Pattaya, Event Place & Date: This website is operated independently of USA Weightlifting. A 2019 World's title was followed by multiple Deadlift and Bench records, with the Squat record under dire threat in 2021. Search Search Search. Event Place & Date: Approximately one third of adults over 50 fail to reach the recommended daily intake of 60 grams. and David Ehresmann. Email us: info[at]barbend.com, strength training is fantastic for overall health, excellent coordination, speed, balance, and mobility, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Janis McBeesepic record above in the 75-79 age group here, These 3 tests can be a great way to tell if your body is ready for a conventional deadlift, Mitchell Hooper Wins the 2023 Arnold Strongman Classic, 2023 Arnold Strongman Classic Day Two Recap Mitchell Hooper Ascends, Victoria Long Wins 2023 Arnold Strongwoman Classic, 2023 Arnold Strongwoman Classic Day Two Recap Victoria Long Dominates, 2023 Arnold Classic Wheelchair Division Results Harold Kelley Dominant, The Best Creatine Supplements for Bulking, Mixing, and More, The Best Barbells For All-Around Training, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Deadlifts, and More, Best Home Gyms For the Money, Bodybuilding, and More, Best Pre-Workout Supplements For Muscle Gain, Weight Loss, And More, Athletic Greens Review Price, Flavor and Nutrition Breakdown. BarBend is the Official Media Partner of USA Weightlifting. If youre on a bus and it suddenly jerks or twists, that needs a quick leg and hip reaction. Michael is a 1980 Olympian and 2 time Olympic Head Coach (2000, 2004) as well as a Master Hall of Fame member. Dec 10, 2019 - Tianjin, Event Place & Date: Chinas Chen Yanqing (58kg) and South Korean Hsu Shu-Ching (53kg) are the most successful women weightlifters at the Olympics, both having won two golds. Jul 07, 2019 - Tokyo, Event Place & Date: Joes contribution to weightlifting goes back many years as he is also a member of the USA Weightlifting Masters Hall of Fame. iii) SENIOR: 15 years of age. National and American Meet Records are also tracked by USA Masters. In case two participants have lifted the same combined weight, then the one with the lower bodyweight is declared the winner. Records are from 1998 through and including the 2022 Junior Pan American Championships. 7232 Varnedoe Drive Savannah, GA, 31406, US. These records are maintained in each weight class for the snatch lift, clean and jerk lift, and the total for both lifts. Those can be the wedge you use to drive into a small crack and pry open into these bigger movements, he notes. For Olympic Games and Youth Olympic Games the relevant International Olympic Committee (IOC) Rules apply. Olympic Records . Editors note:The content on BarBend is meant to be informative in nature, but it should not be taken as medical advice. Among male weightlifters, Greeces Pyrros Dimas is the most successful Olympian, having won three gold medals and a bronze medal spread across the 82.5/83/85 kg categories in different years. Enriquez, Laura McCall, Michelle Picking, Marissa In a weightlifters career, theres often something of a bell curve: when youre starting out, there are a good four months before you try to hit max effort sets. Read about our approach to external linking. They also often rub chalk on their hands to make it dry before a lift, which prevents the barbell from slipping. Joe is also an alumnus of the FDNY where he continues to give back to the community. EN. USA Weightlifting Masters Committee is focused on providing support for USA master lifters including (2) National level meets and the interface with the Pan American Masters Championships and the World Masters Championships by leveraging volunteers, limited funding, and independent meet directors. The views expressed on this site may come from individual contributors and do not necessarily reflect the view of BarBend or any other organization. He recommends starting out by building your mobility and strength for the big three powerlifting movements: the squat, bench press, and deadlift. The 70s and 80s were undoubtedly a golden age for Olympic Weightlifting. The snatch is where the weightlifter picks up the barbell and lifts it above his head in one singular motion. Featured image via @everyday_lifters on Instagram. Category, weight, name, nationality and edition of the Games: Clean & Jerk- 172kg - Li Fabin (CHN) - Tokyo 2020, Total - 313kg - Li Fabin (CHN) - Tokyo 2020, Clean & Jerk - 187kg - Chen Lijun (CHN) - Tokyo 2020, Total - 332kg - Chen Lijun (CHN) - Tokyo 2020, Snatch - 166kg - Shi Zhiyong (CHN) - Tokyo 2020, Clean & Jerk - 198kg - Shi Zhiyong (CHN) - Tokyo 2020, Total - 364kg - Shi Zhiyong (CHN) - Tokyo 2020, Snatch - 170kg - Li Xiaojun (CHN) - Tokyo 2020, Clean & Jerk - 204 kg - Li Xiaojun (CHN) - Tokyo 2020, Total - 374 kg - Li Xiaojun (CHN) - Tokyo 2020, Clean & Jerk - 225kg - Fares El-Bakh (QAT) - Tokyo 2020, Total - 402kg - Fares El-Bakh (QAT) - Tokyo 2020, Snatch - 195kg - Simon Martirosyan (ARM) - Tokyo 2020, Clean & Jerk- 225kg - Akbar Djuraev - (UZB) - Tokyo 2020, Total - 430kg - Akbar Djuraev - (UZB) - Tokyo 2020, Snatch - 223kg - Lasha Talakhadze (GEO) - Tokyo 2020, Clean & Jerk - 265kg - Lasha Talakhadze (GEO) - Tokyo 2020, Total - 488kg - Lasha Talakhadze (GEO) - Tokyo 2020, Snatch - 94kg - Hou Zhihui (CHN) - Tokyo 2020, Clean & Jerk - 116kg - Hou Zhihui (CHN) - Tokyo 2020, Total - 210kg - Hou Zhihui (CHN) - Tokyo 2020, Snatch - 98kg - Muattar Nabieva (UZB) - Tokyo 2020, Clean & Jerk - 127kg - Hidilyn Diaz (PHI) - Tokyo 2020, Total - 224kg - Hidilyn Diaz (PHI) - Tokyo 2020, Snatch - 103kg - Kuo Hsing-chun (TPE) - Tokyo 2020, Clean & Jerk - 133kg - Kuo Hsing-chun (TPE) - Tokyo 2020, Total - 236kg - Kuo Hsing-chun (TPE) - Tokyo 2020, Snatch - 140kg - Li Wenwen (CHN) - Tokyo 2020, Clean & Jerk - 180kg - Li Wenwen (CHN) - Tokyo 2020, Total - 320kg - Li Wenwen (CHN) - Tokyo 2020. [1] Women's weightlifting made its Olympic debut at the 2000 Games in Sydney,[2] with seven weight classes that have not changed since. The IWF recognises four (4) age groups: i) YOUTH: 13 - 17 years of age. The 1896 Olympics had two weightlifting events lifting with one hand and lifting with two hands. Click to download PDF version of American Records prior to the 2018 bodyweight category change. Masters Chairman from 1996 to 2018, Howard was given the honorary title of President for Life. 2022 United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee. This is the list of Olympic records in weightlifting. USA Masters hosts 2 National events per year (Howard Cohen American Masters and National Masters) Click to download PDF version of rationale behind new American Record Standards for new bodyweight categories established in 2018. Watch live on BBC TV, BBC iPlayer, BBC Red Button and online; Listen on BBC Radio 5 Live, Sports Extra and Sounds; live text and video clips on BBC Sport website and app. Les Simonton began competing as a weightlifter in 1984. Syria's Man Asaad took the bronze with 424 kg. Incorporating both heavy and lighter sets stimulates the production of testosterone and growth hormone. denotes a performance that is also a current world record. Please email, Follow on , International Expression of Commitment to Compete Forms, International Team and Athlete Funding Info, Female Referee National Testing Assistance Fund, Sports Medicine Society Athlete Safety Policy (.pdf), Weightlifting State Organization Information, U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Brand Usage Guidelines, Click to download PDF version of rationale behind new American Record Standards for new bodyweight categories established in 2018, Click to download PDF version of American Records prior to the 2018 bodyweight category change. Talakhadze, who won a gold at the 2016 Rio Games in the same category, lifted 223 kg for the snatch and 265 kg for the clean and jerk to also break his own world records in the two categories. Last WMG records update 2019. Corinne Grotenhuis has been active in the Sport of Weightlifting for more than 30 years including time on the IWF Masters, Pan American Masters and U.S. Masters Board of Directors. Since returning to competition, Hubbard has won seven international tournament gold medals. Robi Points. Records are maintained in each weight class for the snatch, clean and jerk, and total for both lifts by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF). American Records may only be set at drug-tested USAW national events or IWF-sanctioned events. Masters Weightlifting is a committee within USA Weightlifting, which is the national governing body (NGB) for the sport of weightlifting in the United States. During his career, he participated in the 1996, 1997, and 1999 American Open, fifteen National Masters Championship Competitions, and nine World Masters Championship Competitions. Long time Technical Official, Joe Triolo, member of the USA Weightlifting Technical Committee, responsible for the training and testing of our national officials as well as presiding over officiating at USA Weightlifting events. Especially if youre engaging in strength training, it appears important to maintain a protein intake of at least 1 gram per kilogram of bodyweight. In his third snatch, Talakhadze initially called for 221 kg, one kilo shy of his world record. His total was 47 kilos more than Iran's Ali Davoudi, who took silver in the men's +109 kg class. Executive Board. A weightlifters best attempt at snatch and the clean and jerk are then added up and the one with the highest combined weight lifted is declared the winner. Efforts, however, were only designated as records only if someone bettered the pre-set Olympic Standard. The following are the junior world records in Olympic weightlifting. In 2006 and 2007, Coach Simonton hosted the American Open, and he was on the USAW Board of Directors from 2010-2014. This is the list of Olympic records in weightlifting. "I feel pretty good I have just gained a second Olympic gold medal and of course I have also set another world record," Talakhadze said through an interpreter. Riria Ropata is the new force in the big Women's class. Cummings Jr. finished in ninth place in the 73kg division of Olympic weightlifting competition. 120+kg. There is also some good science about vitamin C and collagen taken together helping the development of connective tissue. Log into your membership profile on BARS, here. Bill Clark started the US Masters Weightlifting and Powerlifting programs in 1974 having the first meet in 1975 with only 15 lifters. The first stand-alone Junior World Championships were held in 1975 for men and 1995 for women. Transgender athlete Laurel Hubbard made Olympic history but failed to record a successful lift in the women's +87kg weightlifting. He recommends starting out by building your mobility and strength for the big three powerlifting movements: the squat, bench press, and deadlift. Jong Ju Pak's clean & jerk world record of 188 kilograms (414.5. As an IWF Category 1 referee, Grotenhuis has helped lead many new officials to gain their blue blazer.. The one who decides to lift the lowest weight in the first attempt is allowed to go first and he must attempt to lift within one minute of his name being called out in any tournament. Georgian strong man Lasha Talakhadze broke his own . At Tokyo 2020, there were seven weight classes for the men 61kg, 67kg, 73kg, 81kg, 96kg, 109kg and +109kg while the women competed in the 49kg, 55kg, 59kg, 64kg, 76kg, 87kg and +87kg. Middle age tends to be where our physiological systems start to decline, your testosterone starts to decrease, and muscle gains start to become slow, saysStephen Chao, DPT, CSCS, a physical therapist at Integrated Health Sciencesin New York City. He was in the 1992 Olympics #MoneyInTheBank. Many folks recommend strength training and powerlifting exercises all the way into old age, but weightlifting might be trickier. Below are instructions on how to compete both the USADA Athlete Advantage & USADA Coach Advantage education modules. It was included in the inaugural edition in 1896 at Athens, Greece as part of the field events in track and field athletics. IPF World Open Powerlifting Championships: Sotkamo, Finland: 407.5 kg Tibor Meszaros (HUN) 17 November 2002: IPF World Open Powerlifting Championships: Trencin, Slovakia: 408 kg Tibor Meszaros (HUN) 16 May 2004: EPF Men's European Powerlifting Championships: Nymburk, Czech Republic: 408.5 kg Krzysztof Wierzbicki (POL) Apr 21, 2021 - Tashkent, Event Place & Date: Weightlifting in general has myriad benefits. 2022 United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee. Joe is also a regular ITO at international competitions. Select your profile, then certifications, then "Add Certification Category". I will start with the men's senior world records. I think theres a ton of efficacy for that in an older person.. Tel: +41-216013227. But there will be a subset of people who will need to significantly modify the exercises theyre doing in order to be safe. Jewel Tasi pulled out a 220kg Squat last year but watch for Nolene Kingi (Aus) to move on that and the Deadlift in 2021. He's set numerous records in his short career, and recently nailed a personal best at the Pan American Weightlifting Championship that is only 3 kg away from the current world . Huang Minhao of China hit the 155-kilogram snatch world record on July 6th, 2019 at an Olympics test event in Tokyo, Japan. While the sport was reserved only for men at the Olympics, a womens weightlifting event was introduced at the Olympics for the first time at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. The lowest weight category (52kg) was started at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, an edition which also saw the introduction of the +110 kg category, the highest. Five members of Team USA for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games won gold at the 2021 USAW National Championships. Warren, David Meltzer, Kurt Leverett, Steven Powell, Nov 03, 2018 - Ashgabat, Event Place & Date: All . The sound of camera shutters echoed throughout the arena as he made the attempt and succeeded again. You can develop fast-twitch fibers at an older age, but youll want to start light and probably start training with partial movements, agrees Mike Gattone, the Assistant Technical Director atUSA Weightlifting. This is an honorary title to recognize his years of service to the Masters Organization. Meet Records for the Howard Cohen American Masters-updated Oct 22, World Records can be set by USA athletes at Pan Ams and World Championships. WMG records can only be set at the WMG every 4 years. Michael has been a competitive weightlifter for more than 50 years and is also an IWF Category 2 Referee. Full list of gold, silver and bronze medallists as well as photos and videos of medal-winning moments. IWF Headquarters. These must be surpassed for a lift to count as a new world record. Jessica Lucero earned her spot on the U.S. national weightlifting team but didn't make it to Rio. You can buy these at Walgreens, and they could be part of a good supplement routine.. Lasha Talakhadze of Georgia competes in the men's +109kg weightlifting event, at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, Aug. 4, 2021. As is the case before undertaking any new fitness regimen, its important to be screened first. In the clean and jerk, the weightlifter is first required to pick up the barbell and bring it up to his chest (clean). Certificates for recently set American Records are available upon request. She came out as a transgender woman in 2012 at the age of 33 before resuming her sports career. Now 43, she is the third oldest lifter in Olympic history. Snatch - 142kg (Olympic Standard) Clean & Jerk- 172kg - Li Fabin (CHN) - Tokyo 2020. She set three new American records for her 58kg weight class at the U.S. Olympic Trials: a 93kg (205lb) snatch and 115kg (253lb) clean and jerk for . With an extensive finance and corporate background, Van was recently elected Treasurer of the Masters Committee. "But one of the things for which I am profoundly grateful is that the supporters in New Zealand have given me so much and have been beyond astonishing. Bondiman, Tom Hughes, Jim Randall, Eric Kupperstein, Here are the weightlifting records at the Olympics. The sport is facing the risk of removal from the Games over persistent doping issues. To be eligible, you must have entered and attended. Masters Weightlifting is the Olympic sport of weightlifting for persons 35 years old or older. "We were for a long time looking forward to the Olympics and to win this gold.". Weightlifting forged an early connection with the modern Olympic Games. In 2004, the IOC permitted transgender athletes to take part in the Olympics. In addition, for individual sports, the IOC allows sporting federations to set their own guidelines. We tend to lose muscle mass with age, and many studies suggest that Type 2, or fast twitch muscle fibers disappear more rapidly than Type 1, that it becomes increasingly more difficult to train reactive speed as we age. Perhaps her leading contribution to Womens Weightlifting has been as an advocate for women to join the ranks of USA Weightlifting Technical Officials. Talakhadze, who becomes the first Georgian athlete to win multiple Olympic gold medals in any sport, aims to compete in the Paris Games in 2024. In short, we liked the words Mike Gattone left with us as he ended his interview. The New Zealand Olympics committee said Hubbard was a "really important role model" who "opens up a conversation about inclusivity", and some of her fellow competitors welcomed the move. Records are maintained in each weight class for the snatch lift, clean and jerk lift, and the total for both lifts. At any age, its challenging to get the proper mobility for Olympic weightlifting. While strength is something we can always work on not necessarily build indefinitely, but a quality we can train speed may be another issue. Lift: Name: Represents: . WMG records can only be set at the WMG every 4 years. Record Standard: 250kg: Back to top +87kg. Check out the best treadmills for walking.]. PDF Masters Weightlifting Records. Select an age group from the menu to see American Records. Statistics are correct as of 31 October 2018. Lift. Sterrett, Amanda Whiting, Zara Williams, Walter All Rights Reserved. Apr 24, 2021 - Tashkent, Event Place & Date: I call that reactive stability, and its something most people tend to lose as they get older.. World Athletics has set five nanomoles per litre as its benchmark, and it is likely others, such as the International Weightlifting Federation will adopt the same, once an ongoing IOC study is completed. Totals and placement do not matter, encouraging us all to keep lifting and hoping for a better 2021. . These meets are: USA National Masters, Pan Am Masters, World Masters, American Masters (American Master records can only be set at the American Masters as these are considered meet records), and USAW American Open Series (1, 2 and 3 and including the American Open Finals). The one-hand event was discontinued after the Paris 1924 Olympics. A participant is allowed to increase the weight for his next attempt after a successful lift. That said, if you go to the National Masters Weightlifting Championships, youll see people doing snatches and clean and jerks in their 70s and 80s. Dec 14, 2021 - Tashkent, Event Place & Date: Each persons path will be determined by what theyve gone through before. International Competitions that are not sanctioned by the IWF will not count for records unless specifically mentioned for a particular year. Youre not going to stop losing fast twitch muscle fibers, says Karl Eichenfeldt, another physical therapist at Integrated Health Sciences. Physiologically its good for building muscle and increasing the density of bone tissue. I would add that there does seem to be some good evidence out there that adding the fish oil is good for training as well, says Gattone. Sane Faatoe holds the BP record already, is out of lockdown and is psyched to jump the WR up very soon. All Masters must be registered members of the USA Weightlifting Federation (as a Master athlete). A historic sport that traces its roots to Africa, South Asia and ancient Greece, the modern version took shape sometime in the 19th century. Statistics are correct as of 17 December 2021. Maison du Sport International. "Those who deserve punishment should be punished and weightlifting should remain in the program," he said. After suffering an elbow injury when leading the 2018 Commonwealth Games, she thought her career was over but battled back and won Pacific Games gold in 2019 and finished sixth at the Worlds. Another Greek weightlifter Akakios Kakiasvilis and Turkeys Halil Mutlu and Naim Suleymanoglu have won three Olympic golds each. New records were set with impressive regularity. Menu USA Weightlifting. Committees. Rogers Claims Records 2021 USA Weightlifting National Championships Results . de Rhodanie 54. Cameron McKenzie has held on to a lucky 888kg Total record since 2016. EN RU CN DE ES. Campbell became the first British woman to win an Olympic weightlifting medal with her combined total of 283kg. From the Rulebook: Men's and Women's 50-59 records exceeding those gained in the 40-49 age group will be included in the 40-49 category. Nov 01, 2018 - World Standard, Event Place & Date: The weight classes for men on the Olympic program were adjusted for the 2000 Games, so Olympic records only exist based on the results during and after that. The IWF Masters organize lifting in ten (age) groups for men within each body weight category. When the new categories were introduced, world standards were set for each category. Jenny Clouse, Sheryl Cohen, Cathy McCloskey Bob Today, the masters program is found in 70 nations and accepted without question. Big E (@MrEdzlife) July 18, 2011. The IWF keeps records for seniors, juniors (those under twenty), and youth (those under eighteen ). A post shared by GryphonStrength&Conditioning (@gryphonstrength). Chao also notes that since many people dont have the thoracic stability and scapular mobility to do weightlifting movements, particularly after years of sitting at a desk, exercises like the ones linked in this sentence could also be useful. A sport driven as much by technique as raw strength, weightlifters are accustomed to lifting as much as twice or in some cases, even thrice their bodyweight. This patch was given to Masters who competed in all 4 Master events in 2021. We all want to age gracefully and to maintain muscle and freedom of movement for as long as possible. He was the last lifter to start both the snatch and the clean and jerk, and made three consecutive attempts for each. He chose to lift 265 kg in his third clean and jerk, one kilo more than his world record, without hesitation. Before we dive into specifics, here's an overview of the world records that have been set within the sport of weightlifting: Countries With the Most Olympic Medals in Male and Female Weightlifting Since 2000: Croatia Men: 1 Women: 0 Belarus Men: 5 Women: 1 Ukraine Men: 0 Women: 1 South Korea Men: 0 Women: 3 China Men: 2 Women: 18 Thailand Men: 0 "It was my idea and I made it work," Clark said with a proud smile. Having now completed his studies and back in action with 872kg in 2020, Cameron will tackle 900kg in 2021. 2022 United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee. The Grand Slam Award awards those athletes who have competed in and won all 4 major Masters events in ONE calendar year. IOC; Gangwon 2024; Paris 2024; Milano Cortina 2026; LA 2028; Brisbane 2032; Museum; Shop; Olympic Refuge Foundation; Select your language. [1] Georgian strong man Lasha Talakhadze broke his own world record to retain the title in the men's heaviest weight class at the Tokyo Olympics on Wednesday with a combined lift of 488 kg. Certificates for recently set American Records are available upon request. A weightlifter is given three snatch attempts and three clean and jerk attempts each. The chances of those movement pattern dysfunctions at an older age are probably a little higher than they are at a younger age, says Gattone. C.J. One of the most fascinating sports to watch, weightlifting is an embodiment of the depths of human strength and courage. As I age, my plan is to lift heavy for my capability a couple of times a week, take nice walks every day, and do mobility work every day, says Gattone. Strength in these exercises is often considered a . Age: 20 Hometown: Beaufort, SC Division: 73 kg One of the most exciting young athletes in the sport, Cummings is a four-time Junior World Champion in the 69 kg division. That edition was a historic one for India as Karnam Malleswari became the first Indian weightlifter to win an Olympic bronze in the 69kg category. This group includes all those who turn age 35 or older between January 1 and December 31 of 2020; it accounts for about 12% of the USAW membership. Walter Imahara was chairman of the Masters program after Bill Clark stepped down and up until 1996. 61kg. Introducing the 2021 Bill Clark Perseverance Patch. To successfully execute the lifts and many of their accessories like overhead squats, one needs to have excellent coordination, speed, balance, and mobility all traits that are also important in middle age and beyond. Records are from 1998 through and including the 2022 Junior Pan American Championships. .mw-parser-output .legend{page-break-inside:avoid;break-inside:avoid-column}.mw-parser-output .legend-color{display:inline-block;min-width:1.25em;height:1.25em;line-height:1.25;margin:1px 0;text-align:center;border:1px solid black;background-color:transparent;color:black}.mw-parser-output .legend-text{}Awaiting ratification Records are maintained in each weight class for the snatch lift, clean and jerk lift, and the total for both lifts. Talakhadze dominated the field from the beginning. He is also a member of the Masters Hall of Fame as an athlete. She became the first openly transgender athlete to compete at a Games in a different gender category to the one in which they were born. It can help to remedy years of poor posture and immobility. Many of the scientists and academics cannot agree on this point. Indeed, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that in the United States, falls are the leading cause of injury and death in the elderly: every second of every day, an older American falls. Lasha Talakhadze of Georgia holds his national flag as he celebrates the gold medal he won at the men's +109kg weightlifting event, at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, Aug. 4, 2021. Any kind of strength training is fantastic for overall health, but one of the great things about Olympic weightlifting is that it builds more than just strength and power. The weigtlifting Olympics records were reset during Tokyo 2020 due to a reshuffle in the weight categories. iv) MASTERS: 35 years of age. Total - 313kg - Li Fabin (CHN) - Tokyo 2020. According to NHS data, men's testosterone levels range between 10 and 30 nanomoles per litre dependant on factors including age and time of day, but a younger healthy male typically ranges between 20 and 30. They are the best results set in competition by athletes aged 15 to 20 throughout the entire calendar year of the performance. david spector pennymac email, give demeter the fruit strange journey,

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